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I am a seasoned marketing and branding executive with expertise in Integrated Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Brand & Content Strategy as well as Marketing Technologies. I have over 17 years' experience as an exceptional strategic and creative problem solver working with many world-class brands across a variety of industry verticals. My experiences include working as an agency executive for a digital marketing firm as well as senior executive roles for businesses within the Mars, Inc. and IDEXX umbrellas. 


My strengths are in developing strategies to drive an integrated, results-driven marketing approach to online and offline marketing, creating compelling content strategies that bring a brand to life, and also being an effective leader that increases Digital IQ within an organization and spearheads digital transformation within marketing teams.


My starting point always starts with 'why' to establish true north. I demand a clear understanding of brand and business objectives. I am dedicated to finding the best ways to bring out the true strengths of a brand and deliver ROI. 


I know how to harness emerging trends in digital marketing and cloud technologies and also keep short-lived fads in perspective. I am strategic, innovative, and creative. In addition, I have a high comfort level with cloud technology and development which has made me a very effective liaison that can bridge the gap between Marketing and IT organizations.

I have an approachable leadership style founded on collaborating with, mentoring and motivating others.

I thrive in fast-paced environments built on open conversation and new ideas.  I am a confident leader who is quite comfortable working alongside and presenting to CEO’s and other executive level stakeholders. Day to day, I know how to build solid teams and work across functions to collaborate, problem solve and create consensus.

Areas of Expertise: Contact me for independent consulting or full-time opportunities for the following:
- Integrated Marketing Strategy & Planning
- Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning
- Digital Transformation 

- Brand Strategy
- Content Marketing Strategy & Planning
- Website Strategy

- Email Marketing Strategy

- Social Media Strategy
- Marketing Automation & Technology 
- Marketing Performance
- Relationship Management


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