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Petly Plans is a SaaS platform that manages preventive care programs for veterinary clinics of all sizes. A preventive care plan program bundles the veterinary care services and products a pet would need for a given year and then breaks the total cost into consistent monthly payments for the pet owner. This gives pet owners a chance to budget for their veterinary care services for the year and simultaneously promotes customer loyalty for the veterinary practice.


As the Senior Product Manager for IDEXX Petly Plans, I functioned as a General Manager driving sales, product innovation, marketing promotions, on-boarding, training and product utilization. This product had a complex set of features that managed client records, plan usage, billing, and taxes as well as discounts and promotions. There was also a suite of reporting available to each client account and a master level reporting across all client accounts.


I owned the product roadmap, product financials, and performance reporting. While there, I drove significant product innovation for the product to mature its feature set and move it towards an enterprise offering to appeal to larger multi-unit/corporate veterinary practices. The innovations included adding a discounts and promotions suite, improved preventive care plan creation, streamlined onboarding as well as comprehensive Help suite inclusive of self-paced training.


Day to day, I led a remote team of five professionals driving all aspects of the product lifecycle. This included managing customer onboarding to meet monthly financial goals and end user training. In all, I was successful in creating significant efficiencies with onboarding time and end user training through improved processes, consistency in delivery, automation, and improvement to supporting materials. In addition, I coordinated a team of remote and onsite software development disciplines to achieve the product enhancements laid out in our product roadmap. Inherent to this was balancing the priorities of our roadmap alongside addressing product bugs and tech debt issues. 


The results of the above generated the following:

  • 20% reduction in onboarding time 

  • 53% increase in revenue

  • 400% increase in the customer base

  • 250% increase in application use


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